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Last thoughts...11/14/08 3:23 PM
     The "gravity" that I'm actually done hasn't quite set in yet, but I found this, and thought it an appropriate closing:
funny pictures of cats with captions
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Scilab Scripts/API9/29/08 9:55 PM
     The API is finally done! We have extensible bodies, camera views, and swappable Scilab scripts. Everything is now following the Object Oriented paradigm (yes, it was that sloppy before), and is using the Model View Controller architectural pattern, which makes for easy API creation/usage. Here is a partial UML diagram that I drew up to convey the overall idea of the thing:


API Coming Along9/28/08 9:51 PM
     Today I was able to finalize the separating out of the camera functionality from the actual simulation script.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, was that I also modularized the Simulation script, so now everything is a class! I made a UML diagram too to hopefully help with the overall concept of everything.

In addition to this, I also altered the front page of this website here to offer a downloadable .zip file that contains all the source needed to get this project going on anybody's machine. I will upload a new version every time I'm finished working on it for the time being, and the date on that will be updated as well, so you can know if it's a newer version than the one you previously downloaded.

Extensible Cameras9/27/08 5:31 PM
     I've separated out the logic of the cameras finally, something that had been looming for a long time. Now, we've got two of the main 3 features extensible. The two that are extensible now are the bodies and the cameras. Now, we have to give the user the ability to choose which ODE solver to choose. This one should be the easiest, really. How I plan to integrate it with the rest of the project, since it is a scilab script, is to let the user choose which script to use from the user interface. The UI will then employ whatever the user choses for the body calculation, and then the display script will read in the position values like it always has, in additon to any new features that the user specified. More work to follow later tonight and Sunday.

Camera Views9/23/08 8:50 PM
     You can now zoom in on a planet without clipping it! If you go from normal mode to scaled mode, the camera moves back also, so it won't clip the scaled body. If we leave the camera where it lies in the normal body mode, once we switch to the scaled mode, the camera would be inside the planet. That doesn't do us any good, so I fixed that.

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