Author: Natalie
Mar 29, 2007 16:50:29
That's right everybody! My bro, Erick is turning 24 TOMORROW!!!! As all of you know, Static-X is starting their tour tomorrow as well. Now, that's one hell of a birthday present, wouldn't ya say? Happy Birthday, man! Be safe out there!!!
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Author: Natalie
Mar 28, 2007 12:10:47
Static-X and have worked together to bring you a sneak peek of Cannibal. You can check out all the songs off the new album right now! Be sure to leave us a comment on the page about the new tracks and don't forget to pick up Cannibalnext tuesday, April 3rd.

Click Here to get your first taste of Cannibal

Author: Natalie
Mar 22, 2007 13:47:48
Can't wait till April 3rd to get crushed by the new Static-X record? Go to Hot Topic or on March 20 and get the Exclusive Static-X "Destroyer EP" for only $5.99, featuring not only a collection of their heaviest songs but 2 brand new tracks from the forth-coming album "Cannibal."