Author: Natalie
Jun 28, 2007 16:57:50
After exhausting all options over the past week, STATIC-X has been forced to cancel the remaining dates on their European tour due to transportation issues.

Our tour bus broke down and was unable to be fixed in a timely manner. Due to the busy summer touring in Europe, STATIC-X has been unable to find a replacement bus to finish out the tour.

Disappointed, the band is heading back home to the U.S. to prepare for their upcoming Ozzfest dates earlier than expected.

STATIC-X will return to Europe soon to perform to the fans they missed this time around. The following dates have been cancelled:

June 29 Re-load Festival Hannover, Germany

June 30 With Full Force Festival Leipzig, Germany

July 2 Planet Music Vienna, Austria

July 4 Hodokvas Festival Bratislava, Slovakia

July 5 Konzerthaus Lucerne, Switzerland

July 6 Trebendo Paris, France

Author: Natalie
Jun 22, 2007 14:27:07
Hello there everyone! I apologize for being so stagnant with the news posts as of late. We have some GREAT news though! There are some new pics from the california shows over in the photos section, so go check 'em out! There will be more posted soon, so check back frequently!