Author: Natalie
Feb 27, 2008 14:28:02
This was an official update given by Mr. Static himself on the Official Static-X Message Boards. Enjoy!!

"I want to give everyone an update on what's been going on recently... most of you know I got married to Tera Wray in January. She is absolutely amazing and has made my life even more enjoyable, as if that was even possible! I've been working daily in my newly constructed studio at my Burbank house. Tony, Nick, and Koichi have been stopping by periodically to help me brainstorm and I'm feeling very confident about the new material. I have five songs completely ready to go and about 20 more in process. We're still on track to get a new record out this year and so far the new songs are similar to Cannibal in some ways, but I've been focussing on longer build ups and break downs with a more industrial feel like we did in the olden times. We're also moving ahead on the live concert dvd. It will be an entire show with live audio that we recorded in Spokane on the last tour. The footage looks awesome, the audio sounds great, and I hope to have this out some time this Summer. 2008 will be a great year! I can't wait to get the new record out and see you all on tour again."